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Aug 04, 2021

Getting Around

Barbecue Ribs

Making Barbecue Ribs is more about the process than a specific recipe. My process goes as follows:

  1. Buy the Ribs
  2. Trim the Ribs
  3. Apply the Rub
  4. Smoke the Ribs
  5. Braise the Ribs
  6. Sauce the Ribs

While the whole process is lengthy, most of it doesn't require your attention, which is different from those barbecue pit, sop mop, sweating all day, beer swilling, rib competition method. I'm not saying there isn't a place for that, but I don't have the attention span or dedication.

Follow my method and your ribs will rival the pros for flavor and succulence, but you won't be sweating over hot coals for 8 hours.